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Anak2U Admin Portal

As a principal or a Early Childhood Education Center’s owner, it is crucial that you have full control over all activities that being done in your institute. With Anak2U’s Kindergarten and Nursery Management System, you can manage your center just from the Admin Portal

With many module integrated inside the system you can easily register new students, teachers, create payslip, bill monthly invoices, blast our notification to the parents and many more !


Anak2U Teacher App

Teachers will take a lot of time creating report everyday and preparing the material for the lesson. From teaching the children to answering every question from the parents. 

We provide a solution to cut of the time to create your student report, creating teaching plan and sharing the activities being done by your students to their parents from Teacher App !


Anak2U Parent App

Parent often missed out their children’s activities and this will distance the kids from them. With Anak2U Parent App, you will receive real-time report on your child’s activities, achievement & development. 

Important notes also will be blast through the app by notification modules and you will able to make payment via payment provider within the Parent App !

Why Choose Me

Accurate Record Keeping

Real Time Report

You will receive all your child's report once the teacher upload it


We use one of the secure cloud provider so that your data are safe and protected

24/7 Availability

We have our team available around the clock for any questions from you


What My Clients Say?

Thank you for providing an application that is useful for kindergarten and meets the requirements of MOE. I've been searching for a lot of apps lately but they don't fit the requirements we wanted.
Puan Farah
Owner of MGB Kindergarten
Brilliant. This application make it easier for all management, teachers & parents. Everyone is excited.
Keep it up !!!
Durrah Play House
Kindergarten Teacher
Very helpful in managing the work of the nursery and as an efficient intermediary platform between parents and children. In line with the former principles of MOE to reduce the burden of educators. Efforts should be made to the top level.
Nakashima Kazuma

A Few Of Anak2U Users

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