Online Logbook & Report

Fill in the daily logbook online

Report based on
PERMATA and KSPK format

Teacher can choose activities for the student such
as Nap time, Learning Activity and more...

Daily report will be send
to the parents in real-time

Every activities or report that uploaded by teacher
will be available to the parents once the teachers upload them. 

Upload photo & Video
of their activities

Attach the student or the class
photo in their Daily Activities and Report

A Few Of Anak2U Users

Report can be updated

Daily report that has been created can be updated using Anak2u dashboard.

from 2 hour to 15 minutes

Daily report can tagged to the student based on their class and activities that being done.

Print out based on the logbook format

Daily report that created by teacher can be download as a document (pdf) using Anak2u dashboard.

Video tutorial

Click on this video to see the step-by-step tutorials

So... What Are You Waiting For ?!

Let Anak2U ease your burden.
Everything can be done from the portal and apps.
Contact Anak2U now or just visit us directly !​

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