"Teacher's workload keep increasing day-by-day. Everything need to be done by the teacher. We need to prepare the daily report book and teach the class and by the end of the month, we need to compile it and send to the parents. Thank you Anak2U for making my job easier"
teacher farah
Chairman of Tadika MGB

Account & invoice

100x more efficient !
Saves time !
teacher can focus on teaching !
suitable with the "new normal" !
everything made easier with Anak2U.

manage institute account

Manage monthly purchases and the teacher’s paycheck yourselves.

Invoice management

Manage monthly invoice easier and customizable

Salary Management

Every records of teacher’s paycheck can be managed and updated

record purchases

Records every purchases from daily expenses and institute’s asset in this module with ease.

Click on this video to see the step-by-step tutorials.

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