Keep track of all the records

Check-in and check-out time with picture

Record the attendance of the student and their image will be
send to the parents to ensure that they're safely arrived into
their kindergarten/nursery.

Record visitors information

Safe and secure.
Visitor information will be recorded in
the system with their image included. 

illness symptoms

Latest upgrade !
Temperature and student's health status
recorded visually and with more details.

A Few Of Anak2U Users

Record Attendance
and visitor info

Attendance information will be updated directly into the system and it will be available to the admin/principal at all times.

direct update into their logbook

Attendance will be automatically recorded in the Digital Logbook. No need to store their info multiple time/places.

Video tutorial

Click on this video to see the step-by-step tutorials

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Let Anak2U ease your burden.
Everything can be done from the portal and apps.
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