How we started ?

With joining a few hackathon as a team-building activities for our company, we get to stimulate thinking and improve problem solving skills. One of the hackathon that we joined was themed about Industry 4.0 and we presented the prototype of Anak2U, at that time it was named 2Eazy.

2Eazy consist of 2 main product which is a mobile application for parent and teacher’s usage and the other one is the “Content Management System” for administrator to view the activities within a web portal. Most of the feedback from the judges were positive and we decided to proceed with the idea. 

It is then rebranded to Anak2U to give it more local image and the Mobile Application was divided into 2 different app which is Parent Mobile App and Teacher Mobile App. The problem that we’re trying to solve is that teachers nowadays spend more time on admin tasks rather than focus on teaching the students. 

Our mobile application can improve logbook and reporting that being done manually today. Other than that, many new features are being developed such as smart attendance and student performance tracking that can improve our students and bring the class experience to the parent that they can stay connected.

Meet Our Team !

Wan Muzaffar


A French-speaking graduate in Global E-Business, a Technical Trainer in the region


Faizal Razak


Programming Graduates. Software Engineer. PLUS hackathon champion (2018). Product marketing representative in the southern region of Malaysia

Aniq Aiman


Artificial Intelligence graduates, experienced in projects with large companies. for example: Air Asia Big and Firefly.


Hakim Zulkufli

software engineer

Broad knowledge in software field. Backend developer.


Zakwan Badulah

graphic designer

Experienced in comic and creative publications in graphic design




Passionate to learn and gain knowledge
Product marketing representative in peninsular Malaysia

Ridzuan Othman

Sales(east coast)

iOS Developer. Responsible for sales and marketing in the East Coast area.

Ramddan Syah


Backend Programmer. Responsible for sales and marketing Anak2U in the northern region