“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” – Paul Hawken

Anak2U Platform: Anak2U Platform is a web app provides tools for you as the principal of the childcare center to manage:

  • Institute Dashboard
  • Principal Announcement Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Manage Student
  • Manage Teacher
  • Teacher Management
  • Student Management
  • Parent Management
  • Institute Management
  • Wages Management

Manage Institute Dashboard: Act as the Principal of Anak2U Platform, set up your center and give educators access rights. Only Principal can manage all the data displayed in the apps. Principals also can see and manage total guardians, teachers and students in the apps.


Manage Principal Announcement Management: Only Principals can create the announcement  that can facilitate educators to announce to your child if any. It also makes it easier for educators to be aware and alert of any event or discussion to be held. All information always up-to-date and sensitive data about the children is handled and shared in a secure system.


Manage Classroom Management: Classroom management show the list of the classroom added to the system. Only the principal can view, add, edit or delete any about the classroom. The principal also can enter classroom dashboard to see all essentials detail of the classroom. Principal also can make any announcement or any activity related to the classroom management.


Manage Student: Principal is presented with the option to delete the student in the class from the student list. Principal also can view to see all the information about the student and also can add any student if any for each classroom.


Manage Teacher: Only principal can assign the teacher to the classroom for any student. Principal also can view the list of the teachers with the name and ID and all information about the teacher.

Teacher Management: Principal can add and edit teacher on the Teacher Management Page. This page will list the added teacher with some important details for easier review. If the Principal add a teacher, principal must fill in the above details about the teacher to confirm it.

Student Management: In the student management page show all the list of all students registered in the system. Principal can view, add, edit and delete student information in this page if any. Principal also can see all the details about the student which is student activities, parent information and image collection from the student’s activities.

Parent Management: Parent management page show the list all parents that have been registered in the system with some of the information of them. Principal can add new parent who have register, assign student to parent also can edit the parent details.

Institute Management: Principal can edit all the details of the institute which is can upload institute logo, image and name and any information about the institute.

Wages Management: Principal able to create pay check for all the staff working in the institute. Principle can view and edit the content of the pay check. Principle also can delete the pay check created. Principle also be able to print the pay check for further use.