“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” – Solomon Ortiz

Educating children is one of the most important job because it could shape the kids on their future. As an educators, most of the time are spent on working the administrative task rather than teaching. With Anak2U, we prioritize the education. Here are some of the benefits of Anak2U for educators.

Keep children safe and provide quality education: With children, safety comes first. Families want to know that their children are safe and sound. Anak2u helps you keep up-to-date with everything concerning the children in your supervision. 

Anak2u apps empowers the educators: Capture the children’s important moments and learning with photos, videos and notes to share with the family. Reflect on the learning moments with the child and easily share with families in real time. Use the documents collected to understand how their think and learn also can use them as the basis of future and planning for children.

Monitor and record attendance: You can track which your children are where and in each group. You have access to child count and location at all times and no more paper register. And the families also can follow the child’s location in real time. Digital attendance recording also enables hourly based billing and supports efficient planning of resources.


Complete daily reports efficiently: Complete the daily reports for the whole class. You can quickly record and share information on daily activities such as food break, toilet break, bath time, milk time and nap time. Also about their notes, healthy, incident and award of any children. Get rid of daily notebooks and slow manual work. Allow families to follow their child’s care in real time. You can spend less for reporting and more time with the children!

Make learning visible: Learning observations can be connected to the chosen curriculum’s objectives. Anak2u offers you some ready-made curriculums. Also can add educators’ and activities childrens’ own comments to create meaningful observations to be shared with the families in the child’s Report in the Parent App. All observations automatically collected in each child’s own Report. The Report can be viewed in developmental discussions, exported and shared with families about their childs’ activities.

Manage events and calendar: Event view shows all upcoming and past events. Families are always informed about the new events and can confirm participation directly using the app. No more writing, printing and collect paper permission from families. You can easily create the events, invite participations and see who had confirmed or declined. You also can follow childrens’ upcoming absences or center’s events in the Calendar also can plan your days ahead.

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